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David de Groot is a professional photographer based in Brisbane, Australia and travelling as per the client’s requirement – David’s specialties include Commercial, Portrait and Landscape Photography.

Wedding Photography

Your wedding is the most important day of your life, but its not uncommon to be so overcome by the whole experience that the day is a bit of a blur.

This is where good wedding photography comes in – professional wedding photos will be something the two of you can sit down and sigh over for many years to come.

David is a married man and experienced wedding photographer – he’s been there and knows how you are feeling – you can expect David to spot those unique moments that you want captured forever.

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Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is used to sell your products and services. This may include photos of:

  • Your installations and locations,
  • People using and providing your services, or
  • Your products.

It’s not just the big corporations that make use of professional photographers – small business or even community groups can benefit from the creative vision of a professional photographer. Having pertinent and up to date photographs in your sales material makes a huge difference to your marketing strategy. Quality photography shows that you are a real business staffed by real people while lending a personal touch throughout your sales and marketing campaigns.

  • Do you have a website?
  • Do you run print advertisements?
  • Does your business or organisation issue press releases?

If any of these apply, you could benefit from the services of David’s professional photography with local knowledge and experience.

If you require new photos for your website, David is skilled in web publishing and can provide you with photos correctly formatted for the web. No more embarrassing huge downloads for visitors!

When you hire David de Groot Photography to provide your commercial photography, you receive professional service and an excellent result.

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Portrait Photography

David is an experienced portrait photographer whose photography will let you commemorate that special occasion or remember a wonderful moment in your life.

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Landscape Photography

An award winning landscape photographer, David captures scenes in a way that enthralls the senses – view David’s landscape portfolio to see the quality of his work.

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