The Partial Lunar Eclipse

The Partial Lunar Eclipse

Posted: June 26, 2010 
Filed under: Night Sky


From bottom right to top left, 8:14pm to 9:38pm AEST (beginning to peak).

In order to shoot a montage like this, you need to capture enough changes as the shadow of the earth moves across the moon to show the full progression of the eclipse. Many more photographs were taken than were used, but it is better to have too many and thus give you the choice of the better photographs than too few and finding your progression stilted. Ideally, you would shoot all the way through from full moon to full moon, however sometimes the weather conditions or even the time of day that the eclipse occurs, will prevent this.


Cedar Creek, Qld, Australia

Strobist Info:

Single large point source of light 1 AU from camera.

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