Model Portfolio Website

As an added benefit to our models, we offer an extra option: your own portfolio website.

What do you get?

  • Purchase of a domain name from a quality registrar.
  • Suggestions on appropriate domain names that make sense for you, meet the rules of the domain registrar and make your new website easy to find.
  • 12 months of hosting
  • The website will consist of a gallery of photos from a paid shoot with David de Groot Photography, a home page and a page with your contact details.
  • Courtesy upload of photos (from current shoot or later reshoot)

What does it cost?

The yearly charge is $275. Prices include GST.

How do I get one?

Let us know you are interested and we will get the required information from you. Then you just pay your invoice and the new website should be up within 5 working days.

Fine Print: The domain name is bought in your name – we do not claim ownership. You may move on from our hosting at any time, but there is no refund. If your annual invoices are paid then we will manage your domain name and your site for you. If the invoice is not paid then we are not responsible for domain renewal.

Recent Photos

Colonial Charity Ball Hidden Falls Of Storms and Dappled Light The Glorious Scottish Highlands Two Tiny Soldiers Reaching Out The iconic Riverfire Falls Masked Owl St Mary’s in Warwick Riverfire 2010 – Composite