Riverfire 2009 – F-111 Dump’n’Burn

Riverfire 2009 – F-111 Dump’n’Burn

Posted: September 17, 2009 
Filed under: Night Sky


Unlike last year the F-111 flyby and dump-n-burn occurred at the end of the show only.

This meant that there was excessive amounts of smoke hanging around when they flew through, marring what might have been a very clear shot.

It still turned out quite well, all things considered.

This shot is the culmination of a day starting at 9am on site to stake out my preferred shooting location, fending off of would be thieves, baking in the sun and careful planning.  A total of 10 hours in the making.

My 2008 Riverfire photo is also available.

This is an example of David's Tourism Photography.


Bowen Terrace, Brisbane, Qld, Australia

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